Some of the most remarkable Enterprises Founded by Immigrants

immigrants in America

Since the 2007’s economic recession, lawmakers working on behalf of their ‘constituents’ have argued about the inconvenience of a friendlier immigrant policy, or worse, a law reform welcoming it. Well, obviously the entrepreneur aspect of our immigrants is been not taking in consideration.  

According to the Partnership For A New America Economy, immigrant-founded companies listed in Fortune 500 employ 3.6 million workers around the world and make $1.7 trillion in revenues. In Fact, 40 percent of Fortune 500 Companies are founded by immigrants or their children. A 2012 report found immigrants as a whole are more than twice as likely to start a business as someone born in America. Immigrant-owned businesses employ one in 10 American workers.

This is a tribute to 10 of the greatest U.S. enterprises founded by immigrants, the name of the founder and his/her country of origin has been included. I bet your life has been influenced by a few of these companies.

  1. Google, Sergey Brin- Russia
  2. AT&T, Alexander G. Bell-Scotland
  3. Goldman Sachs, Marcus Goldman-Germany
  4. eBay, Pierre Omidyar-France
  5. Comcast, Daniel Aaron-Germany
  6. Yahoo, Jerry Yang- Taiwan
  7. Du Pont, E.I. du Pont-France
  8. Procter & Gamble, James Gamble-Ireland
  9. Pfizer, Charles Pfizer-Germany
  10. Kraff Foods, James L. Kraft, Canada

Other very remarkable cases include, Apple, Steve Jobs, child of a Syria’s immigrant, IBM (Germany), Oracle (Iran), and Home Depot (Russia) among dozens more.


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